Use this menu to navigate through the Standard template.  The menu on your site will look more like the one above.

Book Themed Site Name

If you’re site revolves around a single book or series, use this space to write a few sentences about your book(s) so it’s the first thing visitors see!

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Author Themed Site

If you’re site revolves around you as the author, use this space to write a few sentences about you as a writer so it’s the first thing visitors see!

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Showcase Your Books

If your Header is focused on you as an author, this is a good place to add your books!

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Great For Multiple Books

Whether you have 1 or 10 books, your site visitor can easily slide through them!

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Fully Customizable

Don’t like the background color? Want to add a background image? Change the font? Make it stop automatically sliding? All easily customized!

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About You!

A great place for a few sentences about yourself.

Add a picture of yourself (or your animal, people love animals!) and tell them why you’re awesome and should check your About page!

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Show Off Your Social Proof!

Post amazing reviews, links to interviews, awards won, or any other type of accomplishments.

“Your amazing review from Jack Smith! It was such a great review that you wanted to feature it right here on the front page!  Many aspects of this can be customized, just remember it cannot be TOO long.”

Jack Smith

Featured on someone else’s website/podcast/video and want to share? Show it off here!

Include any type of social proof you can think of!* Fully customizable to fit your needs.