Domain and Hosting


We can manage your hosting and domain for you.

LIMITED OFFER: First ten people to sign up will have a sliding payment scale and you could save big! See Product Description for more details



Don’t want to bother getting your own domain and hosting? No problem, we can do it for you!

This will not only save you time, but also hassle should anything go wrong with your hosting since we will look into the issue for you, free of charge.*

The minimum time you must remain with us is one year, but after that, you’re free to switch. We’ll even help you migrate!**

We also won’t raise the prices after your one year contract is up like many competitors***, we believe in being fair and honest!

You have the choice to pay for either 3 months or 1 year at a time. After the first year, we also offer monthly hosting for $15.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, we offer a sliding payment scale. What this means is that, for our first 10 customers who sign up for the domain and hosting service, the amount you will have to pay will actually go DOWN over time! I won’t get into how or why this works, but if you sign up now, your account will be flagged as an early customer and you might see increased savings after the first year.

*Most issues will either resolve themselves or can easily be fixed, and we will look into these for no charge. Should something more serious occur, usually due to malware on your site, there may be a charge, depending on how extensive the problem. With that said, most problems that come up will not fall under malware.
**One year contract covers the purchase of your domain under our name. Domains are purchased in bulk, saving you money, but it also means it’s harder to transfer. We have no problem helping you migrate your site and domain over to a new host, but please understand until the domain is no longer under our name, it cannot be fully transferred over. If you would like to know more, please contact us.
***Many companies force you into signing a contract again after the first year is up or you’re hit with a higher fee, but we think this is bad practice. While the price of hosting sometimes fluctuates, your price will never increase just because you’re no longer under contract with us.



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